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Do you want to have sex like a champion?

Looking for ways to give your wife or girlfriend the best orgasms of her life?

Well, I’ve got good news for you.

You’ve found the right place. 

You CAN learn to pleasure a woman properly.

All you need is the right system…

Like you, I’m just a regular dude – I grew up average in many ways.

But like most red-blooded men, I really love sex.

I love it so much that I lost my virginity at 13.

But even though I started out young, I was bad at first.

Like, really terrible. It was embarrassing.

And I realized I needed to make changes.

Now I can consistently give women shuddering, soul-shattering orgasms.

It’s not rocket science – any man with a penis, hands, and a tongue can do it.

Walk with me. Let me share I’ve learned with you.

Soon, you’ll be able to make your girl cum like wildfire…

This COMPREHENSIVE and easy-to-read eBook is FULLY ILLUSTRATED in color and shows you how to give your woman the best sex of her life. 

Most mainstream sex advice is bullsh*t. Stick with it, and you’ll get nowhere.

With this exclusive guide, you’ll learn the truth about how to turn a woman on PROPERLY.

You’ll discover how to make her cum hard and consistently.

And, you’ll learn to keep her more attracted to you, over the long-term.

Yes, you CAN learn to make her cum HARD!!

Remember, sex can be broken down into a simple, step-by-step formula. 

If you can read, then you can learn the proper sequence and make boring, mundane sex into a mind-blowing adventure. 

Take control of your relationships! Super-charge your sex life!

Learn to use game and dominance in your relationships with women for better and more intense orgasms.

Harness your chi, or sexual energy. Mastering energy work can lead to multiple orgasms; for women AND men.

Explore proper sexual technique. Ancient secrets like the Sets Of Nine will bring your performance to the next level.

(actual illustration from book)

I highly recommend every man grabs a copy of Red Pill Orgasm.

Red Pill Orgasm is awesome! It’s light years ahead of the standard feminized advice!

It literally has everything you need. A fast read combined with clear, simple prose and careful explanations make this a superior product to a great deal of red-pill literature being sold these days. Definitely recommended.

The book has tons of information, but it’s concise in its presentation. I’ve read a number of books on sex over the years, and I think this is the best book I’ve ever read. It contains tons of information, and it’s rooted in reality, not fantasy. If you’re a man and interested in better sex, I highly recommend you purchase and read this eBook.

A game changer for men looking to improve in the bedroom, on the floor, in the car, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, wherever. Not only does Red Pill Orgasm cover the proper mindset to give your women powerful orgasm, he also covers the proper technique, from beginner to advanced. The book gives actionable advice to readers on every aspect of sexing a woman, starting outside the bedroom all the way to finishing her and you off in it. If you are a beginner to an intermediate level playboy, Red Pill Orgasm is a must read.

A couple of pages into this book and I have to admit, I couldn’t stop laughing, “Holy sh*t, where was this information when I was younger?” The first books you should read should be about game. But once you have some steady game; RPO should be mandatory reading.

Will not only go a long way towards convincing you of the importance of making girls cum, it’ll show you how to do it easily. RPO is a great addition to your library, if only because there’s nothing quite like it.

Red Pill Orgasm is one of the only sex guides you can actually rely on to steer you right. It’s a solid guide for beginners, or anyone looking for legit, red pill sex advice.

Just hitting you up to let you know how awesome and useful your book has been.  I have been increasing the number of orgasms my partners have and increasing intensity as well.

I’m confident you’ll pick up some new techniques, refresh on some old ones, develop more of an understanding of the psychology behind the female orgasm and find value with this book…

I loved it. All the information I could ever want all in one location.

Read the book, it was easy to read and a good guide to me. I would be much interested in any other products you might offer in the future –  put me in the list!

The guide was very comprehensive, I really enjoyed it. In my opinion the chapter on energy work is definitely the most important.

The first thing I noticed after purchasing and browsing through the contents of the ebook was the sheer amount of content and level of detail.  It is common for modern ebooks to be relatively short (<50 pages), and this was not the case for Red Pill Orgasm coming in at over 90 pages according to my kindle. The flow of the content was well done, following the general process of sexual intimacy starting with kissing and culminating in intercourse.  There is a lot of advanced content detailing the physiology of the female body and explanations of why certain positions work, as well as ways for maintaining stamina and exerting dominance.  For this reason I think even men with intermediate experience will get something out of the book.  My girlfriend can vouch for its effectiveness 🙂 The big question comes down to, why should I pay for this.  There is a great deal of free information on the internet dealing with ways to increase sexual performance. Personally I am satisfied with my purchase and here is why.  While there is a lot of free information out there, not all of it is good, and some of it can lead to a loss of dominance and sexual inadequacy in the eyes of your partner.  The information in this ebook is well organized and brief enough to be considered a good go-to guide for increasing sexual performance.  It will probably save the reader from wasting a good amount of hours on forums looking for ideas to spice up their sex lives, reading posts from authors with questionable sexual experience just looking to big themselves up.  Based on the posts he writes, it is clear he has the sexual experience that warrants following if you're serious about getting to the next level in the bedroom.

Delivers in spades! A straightforward, concise, and easy-to-follow guide on how to give a woman the best orgasms of her life. It teaches how to sex a woman effectively and give her the most pleasurable experiences. His writing balances the game aspects of male-female relationships, the physicality of sexual technique, and health management that leads to great sex. He breaks these topics down with thoughtful analysis and exposition. A reader following these techniques will be able to troubleshoot performance issues without spending copious amounts of time in trial and error loops. The writing flows easily giving the reader access to a solid set of principles to build sexual skillsets. This eBook will appeal to a man who has a genuine desire to personalize the sexual experience to his woman, resulting in a fully pleasurable experience for one’s self. I would highly recommend Red Pill Orgasm to any guy whether he’s a total newbie or advanced player. I’m at the intermediate level and there are variations on classic sex positions from the guide I’m excited to try out. I’ve personally benefited from his insights. I’m grateful he’s shared proven techniques for pleasuring women in bed.

I see myself as being very experienced, and very good, in the bedroom. I didn’t expect to learn much from a sex book. I was wrong. Yes, a lot of it I was already across. But there are some great nuggets of information in there and also stuff that you may be neglecting which could be hurting you in the bedroom. Overall this book contains heaps of great information for both one night stands and taking girlfriend sex to the next level. It reminded me why her orgasm is very important. If you can master the concepts in this book, then you will be the lover all women want, but more importantly you will learn how to f*ck a woman right and increase your masculinity.

Remember that you only get one try so why not invest in Red Pill Orgasm and hit that shit out of the park! You have to get this eBook! Get RPO if you are a novice in the sex game, or even if you want to learn more on how to improve your sex game and bring it up to another higher level. This book is good for those single fellas and even those who are married can use this book and perfect their sex game!

Your book is the best on sexual technique I’ve read anywhere. Better than the Kama Sutra.

I bought Red Pill Orgasm recently, I just want to say one word; incredible.

I read it and it made me wet.

Carry me, I’m too weak to stand up! My legs are still shaking. – That’s what my girlfriend said after she came, right after I tried out the Sets Of Nine from your book. For once I feel completely confident that I’ll be able to blow her mind Every. Damn. Time. The sex is fun, and knowing I can press all the right buttons makes me feel awesome as a man. Thanks for writing the book. I can’t wait to use more of it!

In the Islamic tradition, the Prophet taught that a man should give his partner an orgasm as a spiritual duty. There are many men in the red pill community that believe focusing on giving a woman pleasure is beta weakness, but I share your belief that a sexually fulfilled woman is primed for loyalty. So, I am enjoying the book very much.  I particularly appreciate your section on Energy Work.

A fantastic foundation for learning how to take control and provide sensual dominance and leadership in the bedroom. A book like this has been lacking among the PUA and manosphere communities for some time. I can fully recommend Red Pill Orgasm. This world could benefit from more sex and better sex, and this manual will help you do your part.

This is hands down the best sex book I could have ever read.

A great guide, I wish I’d had it when I first started f*cking. I would have been light years ahead…

The two things that I liked most about this book was how in depth it was and how it managed to simultaneously focus on the female orgasm and male dominance. By far the best sex book that I’ve ever read. It’s both thorough and practical.

A  great how-to manual covering everything you’ll need to know about banging, from beginner to advanced-level techniques. The best thing is, as it says on the tin, it’s written by a man who has ingested the red pill. Therefore it contains practical, hard-hitting advice that is recognizes female psychology for what it is, and avoids the kind of new-age bullshit that you get in mainstream guides about better lovemaking for couples, and how to satisfy your partner in bed.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, no-BS book on making a woman cum hard, Red Pill Orgasm is the book with the vital information you need to have on your nightstand!

Very insightful – thank you.

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Click here to get Red Pill Orgasm eBook — Red Pill Orgasm at discounted price while it’s still available…

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Red Pill Orgasm eBook — Red Pill Orgasm is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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